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                   WGHS - Gadsden County Black History Art and Essay Contest

In an effort to acknowledge the valuable history of African Americans and include their voice on the development of Gadsden County, West Gadsden Historical Society (WGHS) invites Gadsden County students to participate in the WGHS - Gadsden County Black History Art and Essay Contest.

Gadsden County is the 5th oldest established county in Florida. Around 1820, large plantations began to be established in north Florida, and the forced migration of African American through slavery began. After freedom was granted to these slaves in 1863 many of their descendants remained in Gadsden County and became successful business people - lawyers, political figures, school teachers, artists, and actors. African Americans have shaped the Gadsden County we know today. Since 1850 Gadsden County has continuously held the status as the only Florida County with a majority African American population.

Students who wish to participate in the WGHS - Gadsden County Black History Art and Essay Contest are invited to submit projects to WGHS no later than February 20, 2017. Essays and art projects should be centered on African American people who once lived here or on events that occurred in Gadsden County. For example, topics could include a famous person, a family history story, an interview with an elderly person, or it could be a representation or discussion on the daily life for early African Americans – food, living conditions, jobs they had after slavery, clothing, early churches, family structure. Additionally the essays and art projects could be about a memorable event or historical location in Gadsden County.

Participants will be grouped according to class - K to 2nd grade, 3rd - 5th grade, 6th - 8th grade and 9th - 12th grade. Projects will be judged by a panel of judges which includes several West Gadsden Historical Society members and local educators. The top three projects in the Art Group and the top three projects in the Essay Group in each grade bracket (a total of 24 students) will be given a yearly membership to WGHS and also honored at a community wide reception Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. in the Patricia Fletcher Vice Meeting Facility at the Greensboro Depot Railroad Museum complex, 115 Duffle Ave., Greensboro, where art projects and essays will be on exhibition. An awards ceremony will begin at 3:30.

WGHS is excited to provide this creative adventure to our students in Gadsden County. We look forward to their participation and project submission. The mission of the West Gadsden Historical Society is to preserve the history of Gadsden County. Our hope is to bring our community together to honor the work and creativity of our students as they celebrate Gadsden County Black History though art and essay.

For further information, contact WGHS at info@gadsdenhistory.org, 850-442-6667, or P.O. Drawer D, Greensboro, FL 32330. Also, find us on Facebook.


Art projects may be in any media and could include poster art, a drawing or painting, a sculpture or mixed media. Projects will be judged on the following guidelines and should:

1) Describe the life of a person that resided here or tell about a historical event of place in Gadsden County Florida,

2) Be created and completed solely by the student,

3) Show creativity and originality,

4) Accurately portray historical facts,

5) Have a title.

Essays requirements should follow the following guidelines and should:

1) Be about the life of a person that resided here or tell about a historical event of place in Gadsden County Florida,

2) be created and completed solely by the student,

3) stay accurate to historical facts and contain referenced sources (as grade appropriate),

4) Contain no more than 500 words, and be typed, double spaced. (hand-written entries will not be accepted),

5) Have a title.

The following rules apply to all applicants:

1) Projects must be submitted to WGHS no later than February 20, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.,

2) Limit one (1) entry per student,

3) Must be currently enrolled in a Gadsden County public, private or recognized home school program,

4) Student names shall not be shown on the submitted projects but on accompanied paperwork only,

5) All entrant's projects must be accompanied by the entrant and parental/guardian permission form.

Essays will be ranked according to the following point matrix:


                                    This form must be submitted with all entries.
          Failure to complete this form in its entirety will result in the disqualification                                          of the student’s Essay or Art Project.


STREET/P.O. BOX #                                 CITY                          STATE             ZIP CODE



Name of School the Student is attending:

_________________________________                                             ___________
Current Grade as of February 20, 2017                                 AGE


I, _____________________________________________________ (PRINT NAME), give permission for my child's name to be published in the newspaper and on West Gadsden Historical Society’s social media, website or other literature. I give permission for my child to participate in the WGHS - Gadsden County Black History Art and Essay Contest. Further, I have read and agree to the rules and requirements supplied to my child and realize that not all students will receive a prize for their entry.

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