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2017 Annual Report



Our Mission Statement: To preserve the history of Gadsden County, emphasizing the western area. 

Our Accomplishments:  2017 brought about many changes to the Dezell House interior with Stephen Pitts donating the complete refinishing of the floors in memory of his beloved father, William K. “Buddy” Pitts, Jr.  Our collection grew with a donation by Mr. Max Fletcher, of several exquisite pieces of furniture including a piano forte c. 1828.  Plans were made in late 2017 to re-tile the fireplace surround and hearth in the front hall of the house.  WGHS began the application process for National Register of Historic Places recognition of the Greensboro Depot Railroad Museum.  This process will be completed in 2018.  There was a decrease in 2017 membership.  This is very disappointing.  Do you have any suggestions to help us improve so we might regain our members and attract new members to WGHS?  If you know of anyone who would enjoy a newsletter and would possibly like to become a member, please let us know.  Happily, we can report an increase in donations in 2017, however, we continue to operate at a deficit.  WGHS needs your help to succeed.  Perhaps you have an idea for a fundraiser that we might have to bring in extra funds for the support of WGHS?  I would love to hear from you personally at 850.442.6434 or e-mail lynne.poucher@yahoo.com.  Thank you.

Officers & Directors:

Lynne L. Poucher, President, Jane Wagner Clark, Vice-President, Rosalyn F. Fenn, Treasurer, Linda Clark Smith, Secretary, John W. B. Canetta, Ellen Sunday Clark, Ricky Brandon, & Dale Cox, Honorary Director
as of December 31, 2017

Donations                                                                                                                $   9,229.72
Dues                                                                                                                             4,025.00
Sales                                                                                                                                432.00
Dividends & Interest                                                                                                       934.04
TOTAL   INCOME                                                                                                 $ 14,620.76

Taxes, Licenses & Permits                                            172.23
Postage & Shipping                                                        19.60
Board Insurance                                                            744.00
Bank Fees                                                                        66.86

Newsletter Expenses                                                   1,434.83
Repairs & Maintenance                                              3,891.12
Supplies-Meetings & Events                                           29.20
Insurance                                                                     4,723.13
Telephone, Internet & Website                                      680.55
Utilities                                                                        3,634.61
Dezell House Restoration                                            1,043.18

TOTAL   EXPENSES                                                                                                $ 16,439.31

NET LOSS                                                                                                                ($  1,818.55)



As of 12-31-17 the value of WGHS assets were $231,564.82 including cash, stocks, the Dezell House w/improvements & 3 lots, the Greensboro Depot Railroad Museum/Patricia Fletcher Vice Meeting Facility/.33 ac. lot.WEST GADSDEN HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC.

The official policy adopted by West Gadsden Historical Society, Inc. board of directors is that NO personal information collected at meetings, by mail, or on our official website will be shared with any outside organization or with any individual.  Only board members will have access to this private information.  It is not, nor will it ever be, our intention to disclose personal information to anyone outside the board of directors.  This policy was adopted unanimously by the board on March 9, 2010.

Questions regarding personal information collected and to request corrections may be directed to

West Gadsden Historical Society, Inc.
Post Office Drawer D
Greensboro, FL 32330

Privacy Policy

West Gadsden Historical Society, Inc. was organized in June 2004, as a non-profit charitable entity exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.


Lynne Layton Poucher - President, Jane Wagner Clark - Vice President, Linda Clark Smith - Secretary, Rosalyn Fletcher Fenn - Treasurer, Melissa Chamberlain Herring - Chairwoman, John W. B. Canetta, Ellen Sunday Clark, Ricky Brandon, Dale Cox (honorary) 


West Gadsden Historical Society will hold bi-monthly meetings.  These meetings or events will be held on the fourth Sunday at 3:00 p.m. unless changed for a special event.  We have various work days during the year and welcome volunteers.  You may call 850-442-6434 or send us an email for more information. GadsdenHistory.org@gmail.com


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We want and need your help.  Whether it's organizing historic collections, painting walls, helping out at events and meetings, or collecting donations, we need you. The success and future of WGHS depends on You. 


The Florida Heritage Foundation and the Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation has selected the Greensboro Depot Railroad Museum as the recipient of the 2014 Preservation Project of Regional Impact Award.  This is a wonderful recognition of WGHS goal of insuring the history of Gadsden County.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the West Gadsden Historical Society (WGHS) is to preserve the history of Gadsden County while emphasizing the western area of the county.  The rich history, people, places, and natural beauty of this region of the Florida Panhandle will be showcased.